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About us

The By Steh Hotels Group was founded by the Soler Torrens family with the aim of turning luxury and excellence into tourist values. Our philosophy is based on showcasing a natural environment of which we are immensely proud. Although always with a clear vocation to regenerate it through our products.

Some of our hotels are renovated buildings that were in ruins or had become abandoned. Our hotels all have less than 40 rooms and are exclusively for adults only.

Melbeach Hotel & Spa

At Melbeach Hotel & Spa Adults Only, you can learn more about this chain by delving into its origins. We’d like you to get to know us better, in particular in a well-being- and comfort-focused environment. Explore the island from a unique enclave in Palma de Majorca and let yourself get carried away by the way we think life should be lived.

This resort is the perfect place to practice yoga in the light of day. You can even cycle around the area with excursions planned by our team. Explore the jewels of the island and discover how sustainable tourism could be key to the future, making you the best exponent of it.

Hotel Creu de Tau Art & Spa

Hotel Creu de Tau Art & Spa Adults Only is located in Capdepera, a historic town that we’ve helped to regenerate. We have asustainable and environmentally friendly range of hotels. The facilities reflect our love of art as a form of expression and contemporary communication.

As soon as you step foot inside the door, you’ll soon realise that you’ve made the best choice. A meticulously selected accommodation offer, along with a Mediterranean-inspired architectural concept, are the values that make us stand out. Entertain yourself in our wellness center where you’ll realise that you’ve come to the place you’ve been dreaming of.


Adults only